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revolt“We may play some Country music if it’s funky enough, baby.” – Sean Combs

If you don’t have Comcast or Time Warner Cable, you better find a friend who does or make sure your mobile device is fully charged on October 21st because the validity to all of the hype surrounding the potential super giant Revolt TV will be determined. The streaming broadcast component of Revolt will hit televisions with either of the major cable providers and virtually every other platform digital (iPad, smart phone, laptop, etc.) on that very Monday. Diddy lays out that the basic message that as long as it’s dope, the music will get love on the network. The format will not just be Hip-Hop, EDM, or Rock but rather any genre of music that celebrates original human creativity.

You can make the countdown clock as your new homepage HERE. And check the latest announcement straight from the man himself, #2 on our #Power30 list, and the brain behind Revolt TV, Sean Combs, below.


Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)