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Vinny Cha$e keeps building on his underground success. After last year’s experimental and innovative mixtape, Golden Army, the Cheers Club general is back with a new mixtape and a new attitude. King’s Landing maintains his artistic direction–the interestingly sampled production and lyrical content–but finds it center more in the Harlem streets than visions of his future earnings. If you think that means the luxury is gone, your worry has been misplaced. Instead of being a wide eyed upstart, he is now firmly cemented as a New York City hip-hop mainstay. Therefore, his successes can now be talked about in the same ways as his older dreams. It comes off strangely intoxicating and interesting.

The usual suspects are still involved, including Kid Art’s incredible talent for production. Mixing familiar sounds with dark, spacey synthesizers or booming drums gives this album the same abstract vibe as Cha$e’s past releases. Since they have an almost infinite number of sounds to choose from, this formula has not lost any of edge. In fact, thanks to their improvement as musicians, it has come out better than it did previously.


Ma$e, Young Chop, and Waka Flocka  all make appearances on the tape–big names that are a testament to his progress. The tape runs a little long though, being eighteen tracks. However, there are a lot of songs that will make their way onto your playlist. His unique style and sound will definitely keep you interested. You can check out or download King’s Landing here.

Jimi (@Nativejimi)