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Snoop Lion and A$AP Rocky joined each other for a two part interview discussing a range of topics from Tupac, the recent shootings here in the United States and the gangsta life.

The eight minute interview begins with Snoop Lion asking A$AP Rocky who he would like to work with in the future. The entire content of the video is Snoop Lion and A$AP Rocky lounging back and enjoying blunts together as they interview each other. Later in the interview both artists discuss Drake and his talent, as A$AP Rocky just recently finished a full tour with the artist.


As the conversation continues A$AP begins to ask questions about Tupac during the filming of Menace II Society and why he attacked infamous directors The Hughes Brothers (Menace II Socity, To Hell, The Book of Eli) with a response from Snoop Lion of: “Tupac was crazy”.

You can catch the full discussion of part one and two below as they continue to talk about recent allegations of racism on A$AP Rocky’s behalf and more.

By: Mark A. Macpherson