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Yo Gotti continues his promotional campaign for his new I Am album with the second installment of his “I Am” series.  In the first part video, he took fans to his hometown, Memphis. Now, we move away from the homely comfortable Gotti, to a more business savvy look behind the scenes.

Titled “I Am a Businessman,” fans get an inside view of him prepping for his concert at the Orpheum Theater in Memphis. When he got the chance, he sat down for a phone interview, where he explained how he found himself at Epic Records. If you are a fan, you will find his words encouraging. He stated that he didn’t want to change for anyone, but rather, go to someone who understood his vision. So far, it seems LA Reid is on the same page.


You can pre-order his new album, I AM, on Just do it after you watch the video below.

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