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To bet the Broncos or not to bet the Broncos?

Following Denver’s 51-48 shootout in Dallas with the Cowboys they head in to Week 6 as the largest favorite in NFL history. The Broncos will be -28 next Sunday when they host the 0-5 Jacksonville Jaguars. Prior to this weeks matchup the largest spread ever was the Steelers -26 against the Buccaneers back in 1976.


So how do the Broncos cover this massive spread? Well by playing the same football they have been playing all season. Peyton Manning has thrown for 20 touchdowns this year plus one with his legs while the two Jaguar quarterbacks (Gabbert & Henne) have only thrown three combined.

The Broncos have been lighting up the scoreboard as well this season averaging 46 points per game. One last and final fact before you place your bet this weekend; the Broncos put up 51 points on Sunday…the Jagaurs put up 51 points this season.

Place your money wisely.

– John McAuliffe (@SirJuanMac)