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From on the field and on to twitter

What’s tweef? Tweef is when you got to watch your @’s before you go to sleep. Following the Week 5 games of the NFL some players and teams took shots at each other over the internet. First it was the Philadelphia Eagles’ running back LeSean ‘Shady’ McCoy replying to a Skip Bayless tweet at the expense of Knowshon Moreno.


The tweet came literally out of nowhere and no one has yet to figure out Shady’s motive. Well Knowshon got wind of the tweet following the Broncos game in Dallas, and he had a reply. Knowshon fired back in a polite way while simultaneously shaking off the hate in the process.

The NFL tweef continued later today with the Broncos and Jaguars team accounts exchanging pleasantries of the twittersphere. The tweets occurred after the Broncos learned that they would have the largest spread in NFL history ever.

Well just like we tell rappers to settle it on wax, I think it’s time for everyone to settle this one on the field.

– John McAuliffe (@SirJuanMac)