MarloWire460If you didn’t know where Pusha T came up with his album title, now you know.

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In the early 2000’s, The Wire was one of the biggest TV dramas out & its legacy is still strong today. The Urban Daily sat down with Jamie Hector, one of the stars of the show who played Marlo Stanfield gave a speech where he shouts, “My name is my name,” referring to his credibility in the streets.

In the interview, he shares his thoughts on Pusha drawing inspiration from his character and how he prepared for the scene.


“I was in California at the time and I got a text saying, ‘Did you hear that Pusha song?’” Hector said. “When I heard that he named the album that, I was like ‘It’s true, bruh. Pusha T is your name and that’s what everybody is going to remember, so you have to carry that weight.’ I appreciated it.”

“If IBM or Apple or any major corporation did not that know their name was being dragged through the mud, they would be pissed off with their employees when they found out, because your name is everything,” he said. “It holds its weight and that’s what brought the intensity for me to do that scene.”


Pusha T’s My Name Is My Name hit stores tomorrow.