“Hold On”
Pusha T & Rick Ross
Producers: Kanye West & Hudson Mohawke

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pusha t

“Got rich selling hope to the hopeless”


“Scoring from the heights, but I wanted mine purer, Aryan, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, like the Fuhrer”

“Water colors on my neck, f*ck rhyming when you blindin’ n*ggas”

“Pain in my heart, its as black as my skin, they tippin’ the scale, for these crackers to win”

“They praying for jail, but I mastered the pen”

“One night I seen a n*gga go get a Carrera, two weeks later had to be that boy pallbearer” (Rick Ross)

“Young king bury me inside a glass casket, Windex, wipe me down for the life after” (Rick Ross)

“F*ck copping them foams, when you coppin’ a home, cop a kilo have them people on top of your home” (Rick Ross)

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