Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 1.01.24 PMAll is well in the world of Loaded Lux in the beginning of his new video. Friends are sitting at the bar drinking Henny. It’s the daytime and Loaded is chillin’ with his friends Fred the Godson and Rob Stapleton in the Harlem version of Cheers.  It appears that Loaded Lux is Sam the bartender. He’s pouring drinks and chatting about the old days.  Fred the Godson is most definitively Norm, knockin’ em back after a long day,  and Stapleton would have to be Woody, young and wet behind the ears.  It’s basically the same world except there’s Henny instead of whiskey and an old Soul-inspired hip-hop track playing instead of Billy Joel style piano music.

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That is, until the bar is robbed.  The robber nearly gets away with everyone’s money, jewelry, even a girl’s phone number. Luckily, he’s dragged into the back area of the bar, and then his fate is left  to our imagination.  Presumably, Jadakiss gives him a stern talking to.

“You Can” is from Loaded Lux’s You Gon Get This Work mixtape is reminiscent of early west coast hip-hop with a more of a hardcore east coast style delivery on the vocal end.  Jadakiss pops up at the end of the track with his signature squeak laugh and spits a memorable verse.


Overall, “You Can” gives us the feeling that everything is all right, even if you can hear the muffled screams of the guy who just tried to rob you over the music in the bar. You Gon Get This Work is a great look for Lux and an argument against the party line notion that battle rappers can’t make good music.

All’s well that ends well.