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Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Add Cipher all being Born to Knowledge

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Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge added to the Cipher, all being Born to Knowledge. The root to Understanding all things in life is being able to identify it and identity is synonymous with Knowledge. Once you know all people, places, and things (Ciphers) that are around you as well as you know your name, then nothing will be a mystery to you. A Cipher has no beginning nor ending, therefore, life itself is a consistent cycle of Ciphers that are encountered and dependent upon the Knowledge one adds on determines whether the Cipher is positive or negative.

The most priceless possession that anyone can possess is Knowledge. The more that you know the more you are able to accomplish. U. S. government snitch Edward Snowden Knows firsthand that what you Know can either liberate or condemn you. The NSA leaker has taken asylum in Moscow, Russia to the delight of his dad who hopes now to have the opportunity to see his son. Well, Mr. Snowden, just hope that you get to see him before the CIA does. Last night, Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel  end their twitter fueled beef on Kimmel’s show with a face to face resolution. Yeezy Knows he’s a genius. Humility is the key to righteousness, however, it’s Kryptonite in show biz. In all seriousness, the Louis Vuitton Don has earned to right to boast and brag about his creative greatness. As the only Hip Hop artist to make a public statement against the president EVER, it’s obvious that people should open their ears rather than their mouth when it comes to this brother. On the flipside, former Motown mayor Kwame Kilpatrick will be sentenced today and faces up to 28 years in prison. To make his case simple, Kwame should’ve Known that if you play their game and try to break their rules, “they” have a special place for you.last but certainly not least, Today’s Mathematics is brought to you by the teachings of Almighty God Allah, who birthed his 5% Nation on this date 49 years ago. Without that, this column couldn’t exist. Happy Anniversary to the Gods, Earths, and Allah’s 5%!


Knowledge of the Cipher is to let you know that nothing is a mystery unless you want it to be. Everything that happens in life has a cause and if it means that much to you, seek the Knowledge, which is the origin of that Cipher, and you’ll find your answers. When looking for answers about yourself, look within and you’ll never go without.

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