Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Culture all being Born to Power

Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Culture all being Born to Power. To Know one’s Culture is to Know their contribution to society, thus giving one the Truth of their reality, which is Power. Power is the ability to influence change, so by Knowing the way of life of self and others, one has the Power to make that which is wrong right and exact. Power is the controlling force of energy in the Universe because everything is real.

No matter what precautions some may take to keep it from happening, the Truth will always manage to reveal itself. Hollywood hotshot and “X-Men” producer John Palermo exposed his bigotry with a racist tirade aimed at Chinese TV talk show host Julie Chen and self proclaimed creative genius Kanye West. After hash tagging “money can’t buy a dumb n****r class” in a Kardashian/West pop shot, Hugh Jackman’s main man took a shot at Chen, who is the wife of CBS honcho Les Moonves by saying “now that her eyes are finally open, she should leave Monster Moonves.” Let’s pay acute attention to how white privilege will allow Palermo to get away with that unscathed by media, while Russell Simmons is still dodging bad press for a Harriet Tubman video he didn’t even approve. Last night, fear of airports were reinforced after a dry ice explosion at LAX kept flights grounded and a bomb squad called to the scene. Fortunately no injuries were reported in the explosion, however, this will keep the terror alert level on “RED” until the next public attack plants more fear in he people. Many Americans are just getting over the EBT shutdown that occurred Saturday, making some people walk out of stores with unpaid groceries. According to some reports, millions will be cut from food stamp benefits as soon as November 1st. In the meantime at the Million Vet March yesterday, Tea Party members and their supporters shouted for President Obama to “put the Quran down.” Well, maybe if some of them picked up and absorbed their Bible, they would see the error in ridiculing someone else’s religion.


The Knowledge of the Culture of Self and others give you Power because Now you know how to conduct yourself accordingly in a wise and righteous way. The Power is the Truth and if the Truth don’t stop you, nothing will. Peace to all!