10-hip-hop-albums-were-looking-forward-to-in-2013-5 In celebration of his 41st birthday, we have gathered a list of Eminem’s best songs to play at your next party.  We took a look into the lengthy career the superstar has had and picked out his best songs that will either kick off your party right or get people moving on the dance floor. While Em isn’t known for his club friendly songs, he has been putting out great music for over a decade that embodies if nothing else, himself. With his new album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 set to release on November 5th these songs will allow us to not only party with an Eminem soundtrack before we get all serious again but also enjoy and pay homage to one of the greatest to ever do it on his 41st birthday.

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My Name Is

Eminem stepped onto the mainstream scene with this song that contained clever and honest rhymes and a willingness to go after anyone in the industry. This video helped in skyrocketing the rapper’s career and also created an iconic visual representation for our first memories of Em. Although it was released in 1999, anyone in that era most likely can sing along to at least the hook of this song if not engaging in a full word for word rendition of the song.


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