Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge God all being Born to Build or Destroy

Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge God all being Born to Build or Destroy. Knowing the reality of God, which is seen through Good Orderly Direction, gives one the Power to Build and construct that which is conducive to the Cipher while Destroying and eliminating that which does not aid in the growth and development of the Cipher. When one learns who the true and living God is, that Knowledge can never be Destroyed because the message of Truth will continue to resonate in the minds of those who Understood it long after its messenger is gone in the physical form.

Doing what is right cannot be expected from people until they first KNOW what is right. In Brooklyn, a Bushwick man was arrested in an illegal gun running ring in which he sold assault weapons to an undercover officer on 10 different occasions. The 43 year old Black man faces up to 50 years in prisonfor selling over two dozen assault rifles and handguns, but what more can be expected from someone who has only known crime all their life? Once a person is labeled as a criminal, no matter long ago they may have finished their sentence, a criminal record is a life sentence. Speaking of criminals, there was a historical uproar in Congress last night as the government shutdown was brought to a close and the debt ceiling was raised to the dismay of 144 Republicans. A stenographer had to be removed from the House floor for shouting at the Congress about God and Freemasons. What do Congress, Freemasons, and especially stenographers for that matter Know about God?From a mentality that would allow the country to go into economic default and the average American struggle to survive cannot originate from anything or anyone Godly. The shutdown relief is only temporary, good through February 7th, so get ready for part 2 next year.


Knowledge God simply means to Know God and Build in accordance with the righteous laws set forth by the Original Man. These same laws that are used to govern the Universe shall be used by us to govern ourselves and this law is known as Supreme Mathematics. Peace to all!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)