Alright so now that we got the story behind that, I got to ask about the Sofa Set name, because now I’m picturing when you guys were listening to beats, you were in a furniture store like jamming out on different sofa sets.

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M: Nah, Sofa Sets is just a combination of the tracks that we started recording and the set, you know, we just decided to call it Sofa Set. We actually felt like, well I felt like we had 2 singles on that, so J Rocc decided we should call it Sofa Set.


Gotcha. And that worked out really well for that name.

J: Yeah, we weren’t at the furniture stores, testing out the chairs and love seats and checking out the sofas. We were just like wiling out and we just crack jokes about things so…

Yeah, if I was out in Cali, that’s where we would’ve had the interview.

Both: Oh, that would’ve been dope!

But I wanted to talk about the kind of artistic direction you guys took with the EP in general. Did you have a specific theme that you developed or were you guys just like, as you were saying, playing random beats and picking out what was dope, just collecting and curating that way?

M: I mean, this is how we set up the album. Me and J Rocc, we’ve actually been recording for the last 2-3 years just like mastering the nature of sharpening our talents and what not. And it started rounding to us having so many songs and it was just like, “Yo we got some good stuff here. We got to start letting people get involved with this and check it out.” And that was just an introduction to what’s next with the album, more or less. I don’t know, how do you feel J?

J: Yeah, you right, definitely. We have like a lot of dope artists on the album and we’ve actually been crafting this for a minute.

M: It kind of started as just a mixtape. Like we kind of just put a mixtape together and it just like, “I have my album coming out.” My album just came out and we were just trying to make a mixtape and him rap over breaks, him rap over original samples or whatever, and um, then it just turned into a, you know. One thing led to another and I was starting to give him beats and then me and J Rocc.. He got beats over there but he don’t like playing for me all the time. So I was like, “Yo man, you need to start playing some joints!” Then I was like, “Man, you got some heat!”

J: So yeah, I just had these beats and just kept making them and they got better and better, and eventually, you know he started spitting on some of them and we got Oh No and Guilty Simpson and a couple other homies to get on and then you know, but on the actually album itself… Like Oh No is on the EP and you know, that’s pretty dope just to have him on one of my beats because that guy makes a thousand beats a day and he got famous, so it’s just a project that led from one thing to a full fledged album-more or less it’s just samples or a break beat that was on a leak or something. So it was like if you hear some of the older stuff we’ve done, like I think I’m on Bang Ya Head and I don’t know. What other projects am I on MED?

M: On a couple of series on Bang Ya Head.

J: So like the joints on Bang Ya Head, like there’s one where I use like a flute loop, that was really like the first track that we really kicked off on. Then, you know, we’ve just been really snowballin’ from there. So just the mixtape and just starting from that to this whole album project.

M: One of my goals from this project was to show that this n*gga do got bangers man, and that’s kind of important that people know that. I just wanted DJs, you know, people need to know that.

“Superman” (Prod. by J Rocc) off of MED’s Bang Ya Head Vol. 3