Today's Math
Todays Mathematics is Wisdom Knowledge all being Born to Understanding

Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Knowledge all being Born to Understanding. In its simplest terms, it means to show what you know so that those around you can see the importance of what you’re doing. The pivotal aspect is to reverse the polarity of these principles because it is imperative to put Knowledge before Wisdom. You must think first before you speak or act or else a misunderstanding will be the by-product of putting the 2 before the 1.

The primary objective of today’s reality(mathematics) is to act only upon that which is Known to be right and exact or else an undesirable misunderstanding will be the result. Though it’s common and even human for people to have misunderstandings between them, one person that must never be misunderstood is Self. Bishop Allyson Nelson Abrams resigned from her post on Friday as pastor of Zion Progressive Baptist Church in Detroit after announcing to her congregation that she was in a same sex marriage to Bishop Emeritus Diana Williams of Washington, D.C. A question that most people are asking now is what clergy members in what denomination are NOT homosexual? Has it become a prerequisite to be a part of the cloth? In other religious fallacies, very possibly one of the most misunderstood artists of this generation is none other than Kanye West. The self proclaimed genius not only attacks paparazzi and knocks up reality show starlets when he’s not churning out hits, but he also makes strong and ofttimes what is perceived as blasphemous statements through his artistic expression. This week, Yeezus brought “Jesus” out in stage during a Seattle performance. If you’re going to proclaim you’re God, at least have an imposter that looks like the Original Jesus instead of one that looks like Ceasar Borgia. Continuing in Yeezus news, big Born day shout outs go to Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose, who were Born three years apart on this day. Well, knowing our homie from the Windy City, today will be a day a special day for the emcee who was the first new millennium rapper to proclaim “I Am God”.


Wisdom Knowledge is the science of Being the “One” who has the courage to bring about the necessary change that no one else was willing to execute. The One has usually been through the fire that is endured by those who come after he/her and their primary objective is to make sure that the option to avoid the struggle to them. Everyone has that potential within them, but only a few will actually bring it out. Peace to all!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)