yo gottiFirst he showed us he was Memphis. Then, he flexed his businessman skills. Now, Yo Gotti is taking us on the beginnings of his college tour and promotional campaign for his upcoming album, I Am. This weeks entry to his “I Am” webseries, is entitled 29 days Til “I Am” and the machine is in full effect.

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In the video, fans get an up close and personal behind the scenes look at what it takes to tour for an album. At the start of the video, Yo Gotti takes over Fisk University and TSU–mainly greeting fans and talking with student radio personalities. Afterwards, he takes a trip to Phat Kaps, which is the setting for a general meet and greet with some local fans, one being a single mother on her grind. Finally, following a small technical snafu, he performs with his new artist, Snootie, their smash hit “Yayo.”

You can check out the video down below, and be on the look out for next week’s installment.


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