Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Understanding all being Born to Power

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Peace to All! Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Understanding all being Born to Power. Wisdom Understanding is utilizing the unique ability to comprehend, therefore, giving the possessor of the Wisdom the Power of Wise decision making. Power is the innate strength and force that causes change throughout the Universe. Power is Seen through words and actions of an individual, however, the Power of a collective is Seen in its unity.

Ever since the unjust and disappointing not guilty verdict of George Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin, the community as a whole has lost damn near all of its steam to combat similar injustices that followed. Dozens of Black males have lost their lives in similar situations and didn’t receive as much as a peaceful march in their name just to make it Known that this cannot continue to be tolerated. In a very passive way, it can be perceived as being accepted because the community as a whole has lost its collective Power of resistance to things that we Know are not right, exact, or just. Most recently, a high school student in Georgia named Kendrick Johnson was found dead in his school’s gymnasium rolled up in a gym mat. Even though a second, independent autopsy revealed that Johnson’s death was a homicide, Lowndes County officials refuse to rule his death as nothing more than a freak accident. And just to put the sprinkles on the sh*t and call it chocolate ice cream, the school is refusing to release the video in the gymnasium that will reveal who killed Kendrick. Where’s the community outrage? Are we so enthralled in the “Scandal” series that the life of a young Black child doesn’t even matter anymore? Now, federal inquiries are being made into his death, however, mainstream media is purposely shunning this obvious injustice. Not to mention the fact that after his body was exhumed for the autopsy, it was discovered that his organs were stolen and his body was stuffed with newspaper. You have to be aware of the type of savage is among us. Another Georgia man was found dead in Death Valley, California with his eyes, heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys missing, but the San Bernadino Coroner’s office is claiming that it may have been done by animals. Bullshit. Unless they had a scalpel. Charity Grace, a single mother from Detroit, claims that famed Pastor Marvin Winans barred her child from a dedication service for the children because she was an unwed mother. The institution of marriage doesn’t make a child anymore “legitimate” than the institution of prison makes a person a criminal. For he last time, there is no such thing as an illegitimate child! How are you sitting back and not even raising a brow about it. Oh yeah, Scandal is on tomorrow.


Wisdom Understanding is about telling it like it is so what you say and do can be seen and heard in order to make the changes that are necessary to bring about and restore peace in any given space. Peace to All!