Artist: Action Bronson
Sounds Like: Ghostface Killah
By Accident or On Purpose: By Accident
Song: “Meteor Hammer (Feat. Ghostface Killah & Terminology)”

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His persona, charisma and creativity along with his stellar output of one-producer-only mixtapes and EPs have made it increasingly harder to stick the similarity recently, but when Queens-bred chef-turned-rapper Action Bronson first popped up on the scene he immediately drew comparisons to Ghostface Killah. Both are known for their precise delivery, painting high definition images with their intricate rhymes, and at first listen Action’s terse tenor does bare an uncanny resemblance to that of Tony Starks. But don’t tell Bronsolinio that. While he’s collaborated with the Wu-Tang legend in the past, the constant comparisons led him to demand on last year’s Blue Chips that you “Don’t ever say [his] f**king music sound like Ghost’s s**t.”