Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Power all being Born to God

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Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Power all being Born to God. Wisdom is the expression and intelligent application of Knowledge and Power is the Truth which is the light that shines in the darkness of ignorance. The Power is shown and proven through the Wisdom and when the Power is seen and heard, it is proof of God’s reality. God is the Blackman with consciousness of self and his mental and physical Power, who is the source of all past, present, and future executions of Good Orderly Direction because it is from his mind that the foundation of all things were found.

As mentioned in the past, the Wisdom Power day is recognized as a point of renewal. New strategies have to be implemented where plans from the past month have failed and means of improvement have to be found in plans that were successful in order to make them even more efficient. For the past month, extreme efforts have been made in finding Avonte Oquendo, the autistic teen who disappeared from his Long Island City school three weeks ago today. After posters of the missing child circulated all over the city, divers scanned waters near his school, and hundreds searched the subway tunnels, it has been announced by the NYPD that is is highly unlikely that the 14 year old would be found alive. Obviously, his school and all schools for that matter must have better systems of security to protect its students rather than just patrol and control them. In sports news, even though soccer may be the world’s sport, it isn’t exempt from the world’s cancer of racism. Manchester City midfielder and Ivory Coast native Yaya Toure vowed to boycott the World Cup after enduring racist chants of “monkey” during MCFC’s win over CSKA Moscow in Russia this week. The ultimate disrespect is the fact that CSKA refuses to acknowledge their fans’ savage actions, with one of their reps stating, “Nothing special happened here.” Sounds like the familiar shared by Tea Party enthusiasts about past and present racism in America. One strong person that dealing with an untreatable cancer with a smile on his face is 18 year old Texas high school student Kareem Gibbs, who is suffering from a rare cancer called Undifferentiated Sarcoma. With only weeks to live, Gibbs was announced as the homecoming king of his Keller-Central, Texas school, which was earned by his upbeat personality despite his terminal condition. It is the Wisdom and Power within him that makes him the center of attention wherever he goes and those who are in “perfect” health can certainly learn a thing a two from this young man.


Wisdom Power in its most practical form means to show forth your ability to bring about a change and that inevitable change will be proof of your righteousness or your devilishment. Righteousness is Born and devilishment is made. The choice is yours as to which one you bring into existence. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)