DJ Red Alert and others salute their friend and Hip Hop legend JMJ

It’s been 11 years since the Hip Hop community lost one third of the groundbreaking trio Run-DMC, DJ Jam Master Jay tragically after he was shot and killed in the studio on this day.

The Jamaica/Hollis native was born Jason Mizell in Brooklyn in 1965, left an everlasting impression on Hip Hop and entertainment in general. He founded other artists that went on to become legends in their own right, such as Chuck D. of Public Enemy, Onyx and 50 Cent. Jam Master Jay has appeared on the silver screen and was posthumously inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame in 2009 by Eminem.


His greatest influence were on other men and women on the wheels of steel, whether they were just starting out or already notable DJs, all had to take notice to the way JMJ commanded crowds of 30,000 plus all over the globe.

“Today marks the date we lost our DJ and Hip Hop brother Jam Master Jay. The one man band for Run-DMC. We love you.”
– DJ Red Alert

“I learned how to DJ on his records. He made scratching a new sound in Hip Hop where all MCs had to come with a DJ! He mixed rock with Hip Hop and made it hot. “Mary Mary”….love those scratches.” – DJ Lazy K sends our condolences to the Mizell family, the Simmons family, the McDaniels family, and the entire Queens.

-Sha be Allah(@KingPenStatus)