UK artist Banksy took over New York City this past month by placing his work throughout the five boroughs. Art lovers from all over traveled to the Big Apple to see his well-known spray-painted works before they were removed. From South Bronx to Bushwick, the notoriously secretive graffiti artist took to the streets to find the most discrete yet most visible locations possibly display his work.

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Banksy’s presence stirred up attention from the all corners of the city, from the locals for trying to make a quick buck off his work to the NYPD trying to press charges. Though he attempted to sell some of his works in Central Park, fans from all over the world can view his work thanks to his BanksyNY Instagram account. Here are 15 of his best works in New York City.



Yankee Stadium.

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  • Q: I’ve heard a lot of fans come up to drivers and say something like, “Hey, remember me from that autograph session three years ago?” So it’s clear they want to be remembered. What’s something a fan could do to be remembered by you?