Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 9.27.10 AMWhether you’re into astrology or not, you could always use some extra guidance and sometimes horoscopes can do just that. Today brings about a mixture of feelings from everyone.  With the help of, here’s the daily overview for each sign. For the extended and detailed day to day, click here.

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-Tatiana R.



10/23 -11/21

November 3rd
You’re getting the respect you know you deserve — you should start to see the signs by midday at the latest. Your terrific personal energy helps you to take it all in stride, but things are certainly on the right course.


November 3rd
It’s a really great day to just hang out on your own and deal with personal business. Your energy is building, but it’s unlikely to reach a peak for at least a few more days. You can get through this.

11/22 -1/19

November 3rd
You don’t have to go through this alone. Whether you’re going through a major life-changing event or simply need to change a tire, you’ve got a friend who can lend a hand (or an ear).

11/20- 2/18

November 3rd
Find a quiet space to collect yourself — privacy is immensely valuable to you right now. Things should get a lot more interesting as you find new ways to explore your inner worlds.