2/19 – 3/20

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November 3rd
You need to sign something big (though it may be a figurative signature). This is an auspicious time for it, but you need to make your choices carefully. All is not as it seems.



November 3rd
You need to be more careful about your aggressive tendencies — today brings all too many opportunities to start fights or intimidate the wrong people. Take a deep breath before starting anything.

4/20 – 5/20

November 3rd
You are feeling a bit needier than usual today — but it could come across as possessiveness. Try to be clear about what you expect and your people should understand how to help.

5/21 -6/21

November 3rd
You’ve got to investigate today’s mystery more closely — something really weird is happening right under your nose! It’s a good time for you to look into things that seem unknowable.

6/22 -7/22

November 3rd
Your emotions are running away with you today — but this is a good thing! Maybe you’re seeing someone new, maybe you’re thrilled about some good news or maybe your mood just needed a boost.