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Ice Cube“Ain’t nothing cool about going to prison, aint nothing cool about bein’ a gangbanger that’s just like small time. It’s time for us to be big time, start thinking with our mind instead of with our fist and our guns,” Ice Cube said in a short documentary with Bram Van Splunteren.

While on a European tour in 1991, Ice Cube was featured in the documentary for a Dutch television station. As clear as the message on his 5 mic album AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted and EP Kill at Will Cube spoke on black on black violence, Gulf War, political Hip-Hop, and misogyny.

The 20-minute interview also features exclusive concert footage of Cube at ‘Night Town’ in Rotterdam and scenes from his music video “Dead Homies,” NWA’s “Express Yourself,” “Straight Outta Compton,” and Public Enemy’s “Burn Hollywood Burn.” Even though it’s over, 20-year-old Ice Cube’s views are still accurate today.


Go see for yourself.

-Joe-Louis Mccray