Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 1.28.48 PMRick Ross joined The Breakfast Club in Miami for a morning chat where he discussed his new album, Mastermind, 50 Cent beef, Jimmy Kimmel, collaboration with Jay Z.

Check the excerpts and watch the MMG head honcho in action below.

On his album, Mastermind: “December 17, my sixth studio album will be in stores and this will be the biggest impactful album I release. It’s just the music that’s coming together and I was in studio listening to records, playing songs back and forth and this one right here is mostly definitely a masterpiece.”


On why he’s called the mastermind: “We get money so many different ways. It’s one thing when you just dream to be a millionaire and when you put a dozen other people in place to become millionaires that’s something to be proud of… The moves that we make on top of the surface as well as below the surface is mastermind material.”

On Jay Z Collaboration: “This record [Devil is a Lie] right here is a big record. Look for it on top of next month. Me and Jay will be shooting a video to “F-k With Me You know We Got it” somewhere out the country. We going to release this next record that we feel the streets its only right, they deserve it.”

On Jimmy Kimmel: “We are not afraid at all to burn no bridges. Jimmy Kimmel, you a cool dude; wasn’t nothing personal. He the homie and I’m going to go shut Jimmy Kimmel show down for Mastermind release date.”

On his beef with 50 Cent: “I never felt that personally. I done dealt with real things in real life. I just called it buffoonery or whatever it is. I was enjoying it too. At the end of the day, I always felt like I’m the one with nothing to lose. I was like this a bad decision for homie to make. You gotta do your homework, gotta know what’s going on.”

-Chika Dunu