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468px-GTA-OnlineThe streets of San Andreas can be a dangerous place. People are run over, shot and robbed every hour or so; usually by you, the player. GTA Online takes that mayhem and adds 15 other players to that world making you just one of 16 psychopaths going about their day. So how do you keep out of trouble when some online player is chasing you down? Hopefully this guide will help you avoid being just another victim in Grand Theft Auto online.

-KC Nwosu (@thegameninjas)



Early on in the game you have very little money and a single pistol. You might feel like you need to save up for heavier duty weapons to defend yourself against would be attackers but you’re actually already equipped to handle most threats. The pistol will kill other players in a single shot if you can hit them in the head and it’s extremely easy to do if you’re playing with auto-lock. Pressing down the left trigger will snap to targets near you and put your cross-hares at about the chest. Once here a quick upward flick of the right stick will perfectly line you up for a head shot with the right trigger. This all has to be done quickly as the auto-lock won’t stay locked for long but with a little practice you can consistently drop other online players with much bigger guns than you. Do keep in mind that bigger guns like sniper rifles will have much longer range so stay in cover when being attacked. Most online players are impatient murderers and will try to move in to finish you. Once they’re close enough pop up and take that head shot, in self defense of course.