Mondays+ 8/7CTo make it in this city, you always have to  remember where you come from. 

On season four, episode two of the VH1 hit series, Love & Hip Hop, we are introduced to more new faces Nya, Erica Jean, and Saigon. Last week was just the start but this week was turnt up with a capital T.

Her Source countdown some of the top five moments that involved a lot of drama with a capital D.

1. Amina reveals to Rich that she is married to Peter


This is a continuation from last week’s episode.  At Amina’s audition for Rich Dollaz record label, she reveals to Rich that she is married to Peter.  Peter is not thrilled when she revealed the news to Rich who he’s friends with. This is one rule to the game that is the ultimate no no is mixing business and pleasure.

2. Rich visits Nya at her video shoot

We are introduced to a new cast member Nya (who claimed to be the #1 stripper in NY) but she is working on her music career. After a five minute break, Rich came to see Nya at her video shoot to see if he could manage her but she turned him down and called  him a “cornball.” Ladies, always remember that you’re a boss and can make your own rules.

3. Erica and Nya talked about doing a song together

Nya went to see Erica at a cigar lounge. While there she told her that Rich came to see her at her video shoot. They talked about doing a song & video together. Nya asks Erica if she wanted to get back with Rich business wise and Erica told her yes because of their cash flow that they had together. Well doesn’t this sound familiar or deja vu?

4. Peter demand Saigon to get a DNA test for his son

We are introduced to another new cast member, fellow rapper Saigon. While playing basketball, Peter tells Saigon to get a DNA test for his son. Never get advice from a man who is two timing his girlfriend.

5. Yandy throws K. Michelle a welcome to NY party

Yandy throws fellow cast member K. Michelle party welcoming her to NY from her transition from Atlanta, where she invited all of the girls including Tara and Amina. Smells like trouble.

We shall see what happens next week

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