Today’s Mathematics is God

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Peace! Today’s Mathematics is God, whose proper name is Allah, which simply means Arm Leg Leg Arm Head. The Original Man is God, who is perfection personified because he possesses the Supreme consciousness of his mental and physical Power. There is no mystery God or a God that is unseen because the true and living God is seen and heard everywhere. God manifests himself through Good Orderly Direction in his ways and actions, which is rooted in the Divine principles known as Supreme Mathematics.

Ever since the launch of “Today’s Mathematics”, has yet to ignore the injustices perpetuated against Black youth like most urban media outlets have purposely done. As sad as it may sound, the perils of prison and early graves have almost always been reserved for Black males, while their feminine counterparts face different forms of injustices in social and economic arenas. With the recent shooting death of 19 year old Renisha McBride in Dearborn Heights, Michigan this past weekend, it’s brutally evident that preventable tragedies such as this have become unavoidable rites of passage that all Black youth must experience in America, whether directly or indirect. The killing of a young woman because she was seeking help is inexcusable, unacceptable, and must be addressed by the community(UNITY is the key word here) as a whole in order for these types of situations to cease. Never mind the fact that it is also occurring in our communities at the hands of our own. That still does not justify the unanswered deaths of Black youth. Ms. McBride was never afforded the opportunity of adulthood like so many other young Blacks and Latinos across the country, which is one of the long terms effects of systematic racism and classism that has never been effectively addressed in the United States. Just as important is the recent explosion of the prison industrial complex. It has become so common for our youth to become a statistic in this country’s incarceration rate, that even among celebrities and notable personalities, it has become a commonality. Chief Keef, who is no stranger to success or a jail cell, is due to report back to jail for failing a drug screening, which was a provision of his last stint in jail for wreckless driving. His personal inability to abide by any form of authority is a prime example of the lawlessness that is celebrated by today’s youth, who for the most part, repel from all righteousness. Where is God in the lives of today’s young people?


God is man and the concept of God has been misrepresented and misused by man. Only 5% of the world’s population Know and will teach the reality of God, however, there are twice as many who continue daily to keep the myths of the unseen mystery alive in the minds of the people for the benefit of their personal gain. In acquiring Knowledge of God, salvation is free and the only thing you have to pay is attention. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)