600_1384144544_a21f86c2a60dda5c76842645d801df98The Game took it upon himself to clarify the real meaning of the photoshopped photo of him and Tupac.

The Game posted a photo last week on his Instagram of him and Tupac, but it was revealed that the photo was only photoshopped and not a real picture of both artists. Some backlash arose when people claimed the Compton rapper was trying to trick his fans into thinking he had met ‘Pac before his untimely death.

While talking with VladTV, the Game claims that he never intended for the photo to dupe fans into actually thinking he had met Pac, and was simply trying to show appreciation to a rapper who he considers one of the greatest to ever pick up a microphone.

“Despite the fervor, Game asserts to VladTV that the pic was sent to him by a fan and was never an attempt to imply that the two West Coast emcees ever linked up; it was merely a way of showing respect to one of the most legendary rappers to ever hop in the booth” says a representative at VladTV.