Whether you’re into astrology or not, you could always use some extra guidance and sometimes horoscopes can do just that.   With the help of Yahoo.com, here’s the daily overview for each sign. For the extended and detailed day to day, click here.

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-Tatiana R.

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10/23 -11/21

November 12th
You may need to surprise people today — things are looking up, but you can pull off a trick that feels miraculous! Things should get even better later in the day, and one person in particular is a new convert.

11/22- 12/21

November 12th
You are thinking things through instead of taking action — which feels difficult, but may still yield good results. You should be able to get to the bottom of whatever is blocking your progress.

12/22 -1/19

November 12th
It’s a really good day to connect with other people and try to make sure that you’re all on the same page. Your social energy is just right for getting others to see what’s in your collective best interest

1/20- 2/18

November 12th

You need a bit more karma to really get you over the top — so dip into your well of compassion and see what you can find. Things are really good, but you might not see it until later on.

2/19 – 3/20

November 12th
It’s okay to spend extra on yourself today — you deserve it! Your birthday is a long way off, so give yourself something sweet to tide you over until then. Spread the joy around, too!


November 12th
It’s a good day to help out around the office or at home — you are better off assisting others than tackling your own projects. Things are just about to change, though, so don’t get in too deep!

4/20 – 5/20

November 12th
Your intuition is especially active right now, and you might be able to get your friends or family to see things your way if you open up. A new understanding helps you to make sense of it all.

5/21 -6/21

November 12th
You have to be as clear as you can be — it’s not easy, but the good news is that this foggy phase should only last for another day or so. All should make sense by tomorrow, and then you can act.

6/22 -7/22

November 12th
See if you can just hang out with friends or family today — try to put off any obligations for a while longer. Your energy is too great to be wasted on plans and projects that aren’t personally meaningful.

7/23- 8/22

November 12th
Today’s big problem calls for a creative solution, so make sure that you’re dealing with it in a creative way. That could mean passing the buck or jumping ship into an entirely new situation.

8/23 – 9/22

November 12th
You feel somewhat lost today, because you’re confused by details that made sense to you just a few days or weeks ago. Try not to make a big deal out of it, as you just have to go along to get along

9/23 -10/22

November 12th
Your flexible nature is the key to your success today — so make sure that you’re showing the world that you can adapt to its every whim. That may get a bit weird after a while, but you can make it work.