Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Wisdom all being Born to Understanding

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Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Knowledge Wisdom all being Born to Understanding. Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding are the three primary principles that are necessary to identify ourselves, have purpose, and see the direction of our lives. The cohesion of Knowledge and Wisdom, which is intellect and experience, brings into existence a clear mental picture that is necessary in order to maintain peace and happiness between two or more beings. This bond can be seen from the microcosm of protons, neutrons, and electrons, to the macrocosm of the Sun, Moon,and Stars.

As snow becomes a weather concern for those in Northern regions and plans are being made about holiday dinners and Black Friday sales during the shorter days, its proof that we are approaching winter and beginning a new revolution around the sun. What has improved or changed for the better over the past year individually or collectively? Surprisingly for New Yorkers, the threat of imminent violence has been pushed further back into the minds of New Yorkers, with the city of almost 10 million people going a full 24 hours without a shooting or stabbing yesterday. Mayor Bloomberg credited the non-violence to the efforts of “New York’s Finest”, but the truth is that the people didn’t allow that to happen, finding better ways to resolve issues rather than resorting to bloody physical confrontations. Too bad that’s not the case in Michigan, where the autopsy of 19 year old Renisha McBride revealed that the teenage girl was shot at point blank range in the face after seeking help following an accident. The part that is expected in America hasn’t changed, with the 54 year old, white, unnamed neighbor who shot and killed her has not been charged with a crime. In NYC’s Homicide Central aka 75th Precinct in East New York, Brooklyn, some things never change. 27 year old aspiring rapper Quinshon Shingles aka Sauce Da Boss was given an option by Officers David Grieco and Joseph Patton; spit some hot bars or go to jail. According to Shingles’ lawyer, the officers made the offer after illegally entering a home in search for another young man, who was not charged or detained during the incident. The question would have to be how was Officer Grieco even offered an opportunity to violate someone else’s civil rights after being named in over a dozen lawsuits for violating civil rights? Is this the “great” police work that Bloomberg is bragging about? 2013 has to be the expiration date for these types of violations or else it’s going to be a cold winter in 2014.


Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding is just as common and simplistic as A, B, C. These principles must be utilized in unison in order for them to have a productive effect on one’s life or the imbalance of hell, chaos, and confusion will continue to have power over our will and our lives. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)