Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 1.20.03 PMEnglish-Sri Lankan rapper M.I.A. has made her return to nationally syndicated American television. After her controversial Super Bowl performance, you thought that was impossible, right?

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The Matangi artist graced the set of Conan on Monday night, performing her song “Y.A.L.A.”, an acronym for “You Always Live Again”. Riding on the wave of Matangi’s good reviews, M.I.A performed by herself in front of a giant LED mandala.

Days later, the music video for “Y.A.L.A.” has dropped. It was produced with help from The PartySquad and Kenzo. Featuring visuals that can only be described as surreal, the video is just as wild and stimulating as the sound it delivers.


-Eileen Dorsey
Twitter: @idkeileenstwitr