Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 10.48.07 AMIs it possible for the entire Memphis, Tennessee to be in New York City at one time? Set the scene: 40 degrees outside, I Am posters everywhere, CMG varsity jackets as if it were a new football team and fans in a frenzy to get even more merchandise. No, it’s not your favorite sports team but it is a team featuring its leader, self-proclaimed King of Memphis, Yo Gotti. The 18th day of November was a very special night for the artist, celebrating the release of his latest album, I Am at B.B. King’s in Times Square brought out not only Memphis but New York City for support. Talks of not “bucking” (fighting) because tonight was going to be special was heard amongst the crowd, and that it was.

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From beginning to end it was definitely a party! CMG artist Zedzilla started the show with some of everyone’s favorite mixtape hits, which could be shown while the crowd recited word for word. Next, we left Memphis for a little bit while the DJ took control and had us raising our hands to the constellations to the bass filled hits in New York. New York was in the building, having Maino perform and we heard Jim Jones was also on the way. But then it was time to show the West Coast some love. YG took the stage and next thing you know guys had their female counterparts taking pictures of them and their crew with their middle finger up and bottles. It turned into a rap video circa Cash Money ’99 days. But the ladies loved it too. When the “Beat It Up” bass dropped the crowd dipped, got low and danced as if no one were watching (or maybe that was just me).

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It was time…Yo Gotti. I Am. Hit after hit, from Cocaine Muzik mixtape series to “Five Star Chick,” your song was played. But just when you thought it was all about him, out comes Meek Mill for his verse on their latest track, “F-U,” the crowd when nutso! Next Meek Mill performed his gospel that had dudes in sunglasses (yes at night) looking like they were going to cry. Then Wale and Ne-Yo come out! Between the crowd reaction and the performance the show was a must watch. Standing on chairs and vibing to the music showed a huge unity between all coasts and of course it was nice to hear the lovely sounds of Ne-Yo’s melodic voice.

But it was trapping time again, just in case you were getting a little soft Jeezy came out to congratulate Gotti for his latest album.

“We’ve been rocking together since before Grey Goose, how many of ya’ll know that song?”

A lot of us did, in fact everyone got even more hyped after hearing that, but nope they didn’t perform it, but they did perform ‘Act Right’. It became a party in the crowd as well as the dance floor. Yo Gotti continued to perform old tracks as well as introducing the newest songs on his album, which the crowd seemed to know already. Rich Homie Quan even showed up and did his verse on their latest ‘I Know’ and of course performed ‘Type of Way.’

Overall, if you’ve never been to Memphis (Not Egypt) Tennessee, you were absolutely there last night. He didn’t perform anything from Cocaine Muzik 1 but the new album made up for it. It was a LIVE party. Security was pretty swell but being asked to stay off the couch is annoying when your favorite song is being played.


Photo Credit: Bolade Ogun

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