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Kanye West continued his highly sought after promotional campaign and Yeezus tour this past weekend, destroying both MSG and the Barklay’s Center stages to the delight of a throng of fans. For those who were unable to catch his performance, Ye sat down with Power 99 in Philadelphia to discuss his “Creative Genius” and revolutionary thoughts. Uncharacteristically calm, he reiterates many of his recent critiques about the fashion industry and provides some much need clarity on his powerful words on “Black Skinheads”. “I picked the most cotton,” Kanye admitted, referencing his previous obsession and longing to be a part of the luxurious fashion world. However, now he is tired of the sugar coating and political correctness that has been an integral part of today’s media landscape.

His conversation wasn’t only focused with his theories on the constant denial Black entertainers face in the high end world, he took some time to delve into his future musical endeavors. Even though his  language when talking about his albums have changed—he now refers to them as “product”—his passion has not waned at all. He announced that he is in the studio, already working on his next album and Watch The Throne 2. Hopefully, his dream of a summer release will come true, because what the world needs now is some more Good Music.


Jimi (@Nativejimi)