Whether you’re into astrology or not, you could always use some extra guidance and sometimes horoscopes can do just that.   With the help of Yahoo.com, here’s the daily overview for each sign. For the extended and detailed day to day, click here.

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-Tatiana R.

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10/23 -11/21

November 29th
You should consider a strategic retreat today — giving in may give you the time you need to plot your eventual dominance. Let the other side think they’ve won it all! Things should change soon.

11/22- 12/21

November 29th
Your desires and ambitions are closer to reality than you may realize — but you can’t fully bring them to life without talking about them with your people. Sit down and get the ball rolling.

12/22 -1/19

November 29th

Your cultural leanings are stronger than ever, so make sure that you’re getting your recommended daily dose of art, music, literature or whatever else it is that revs your spiritual engine.


1/20- 2/18

November 29th

A random social connection proves to be worth far more than you would have dreamed, so follow up on it and make sure that you’re dealing with all the ramifications that arise from it.

2/19 – 3/20

November 29th
You are faced with a stark choice, but whatever decision you make should have positive consequences. You may find that your energy is split, but you can still make a real difference.


November 29th
Blow off your own needs for one more day — you ought to rack up some more good karma before launching into anything new or unusual. One last friend needs your help in a big way.

4/20 – 5/20

November 29th

You may have bitten off more than you can chew — and yes, that is possible! Your desire for more is likely coming from the wrong place, but you can easily shift gears into something better.


5/21 -6/21

November 29th
Your mental energy is fantastic — but it may lead you in two very different directions. It’s not a good time for you to try to focus, but it’s a terrific day for a brainstorming session!

6/22 -7/22

November 29th

This may not be the most auspicious time to start on something new, if only because you still have so much left unresolved in other aspects of your life. Clear that up first, then get moving!


7/23- 8/22

November 29th
You need to make your feelings clear to someone — maybe your partner, maybe a colleague or maybe a parent. Now is the time for serious honesty, though you don’t have to be brutal.

8/23 – 9/22

November 29th
You need to make a real difference with that one friend or colleague — when they least expect it! Make a real splash and they are sure to remember what you said when the time is right

9/23 -10/22

November 29th
Your love life is seeing a big boost today, no matter what your status may be. Things are looking up for you as you get reacquainted with an old flame or spend extra time with your sweetheart.