Whether you’re into astrology or not, you could always use some extra guidance and sometimes horoscopes can do just that.   With the help of Yahoo.com, here’s the daily overview for each sign. For the extended and detailed day to day, click here.

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-Tatiana R.

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10/23 -11/21

November 30th
Believe in yourself and the day should go perfectly. You pride yourself on your skepticism, but you need to set it aside for 24 hours as you ride this wave of amazing energy to its logical conclusion.

11/22- 12/21

November 30th
Your subconscious mind is hyperactive right now — which is both good and bad. You may have a few wild brainstorms that thrill you, but at the same time, you may come across as a bit loony!

12/22 -1/19

November 30th

Do you know what you really want? Now is the time to figure out where your ambitions lie and then start to do something about them. Things can get a lot more interesting if you get to work now!


1/20- 2/18

November 30th

You need to feel useful to society — though of course, it has to be in your own distinctive way. Find an organization that suits you perfectly, or launch your own if nobody is doing it right!

2/19 – 3/20

November 30th
Try not to take on too much today — especially not with people or activities you’re not certain you understand. Your energy may feel terrific, but your judgment may be slightly impaired.


November 30th
Something major happens late in the day that could cause serious problems at work or at school. The good news is that the issue should be extremely short-lived, so don’t panic about the future.

4/20 – 5/20

November 29th

Your popularity could take a hit today — but it’s actually for the best! Something you said or did was essential, even if almost nobody likes it. It can be hard to be this responsible, but someone has to do it!


5/21 -6/21

November 30th
It’s a slow day — and not just for you! Lots of folks around you seem to be taking their time processing information and waiting to see what others do before taking action or voicing opinions.

6/22 -7/22

November 30th

Try not to just go along for the ride today — you need to know precisely what you’re in for before you can consent. Your energy is strong, so insist on answers until you are deeply satisfied.


7/23- 8/22

November 30th
Your ego gets a little bruised early in the day, but you should be able to face tomorrow with a clear mind. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and try to make sure that your friends have got your back.

8/23 – 9/22

November 30th
You may feel somewhat restless, especially toward the end of the day. Your personal energy is simply harder to focus, so if you can let your mind wander, you may not get the itch to roam physically.

9/23 -10/22

November 30th
Sure, you’re generous — but sometimes you need to compromise and hang onto at least a little of what’s yours. It may feel stingy, but you’re really just trying to keep it all in balance.