J. Cole Breaks Down “Rich N*ggaz”

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ColeIt’s been four years since J. Cole and Nick Huff Barili had a sit-down for their first interview, but the two have reunited yet again for their fourth interview.

This time around, Barili gets the Fayetteville native to open up in regards to the inspiration behind the fan-favorite track, “Rich Niggaz.”


I used to have such a problem with like … with people with money. It was almost a bitterness and a jealousy, ’cause my mom gotta work so hard. You know what I mean? And in my eyes, your father’s rich. Your mom don’t even gotta work, you drive a Benz.”

Cole went on to explain how ironic the song turned out to be now that he is actually on the same ‘level’ (financially) as the individuals he is talking about in the song.

“I’m one of them, my kids are gonna be one of them. So, it’s that battle,” he expressed.

Watch the video below to hear Cole go into more detail about why he wrote “Rich N*ggaz.”

– Antionette Latrese