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“I’m out for presidents to represent me…”

The heralded MC from Brooklyn shows the utmost respect to one of the legends in the game by dedicating an entire EP to one of Hip Hop’s classics…Reasonable Doubt. Released on Jay-Z’s birthday, Skyzoo and Antman Wonder recreated 9 songs from the original album with live string sections, horns, and other instruments.


Besides repurposing the songs from Reasonable Doubt, Skyzoo gives his point of view as opposed to reinterpreting Jay’s vision when he made the album. We all were inspired by such an incredible body of work, listen to what inspired Skyzoo to drop ‘Ode To Reasonable Doubt.’

“An Ode To Reasonable Doubt”
(A Scholar Written & Orchestral Approach To What Raised Us)1) The Hustle Never Sleeps feat. Mela Machinko)
2) The Usual Politics (feat. Dayna Watkins)
3) Meeting The Presidents
4) The Feeling (feat. Kay Cola)
5) Praying Against D’evils
6) In Love With Living
7) Conversing On Coming Up (feat. Diizco)
8) Thinking You Can Hang (feat. Torae & Sha Stimuli)
9) The Truth About Regrets


Check out the visual for ‘Meeting The Presidents’