Side-E EP | Elevator Jay

Side-E EP | Elevator Jay

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Elevator Jay is arguably becoming one of the top tier rappers emerging out of Charlotte, NC.

A  progressive city on the rise in recent years, it has historically been known for R&B Soul acts such as KCi & Jojo, Anthony Hamilton, Sunshine Anderson and more.  But there is a burgeoning Hip-Hop scene on the rise that seems poised to make it’s presence felt on the national stage.  New age artists from the Queen City are creating content that is quickly redefining and expressing the cultural identity of the city.


The Charlotte born 25 yr old is known for capturing the authentic essence of the Queen City, with lyricism reminiscent of vintage Outkast and storytelling in a voice that is distinguishable on any track.  With a catalog of over 200 songs, Elevator also produces nearly all of his own beats as well as designing his own graphics and clothing.

The five-track EP entitled Side-E, following the classic mixtape No 13 and the Ahead of Time EP, takes a more introspective look at the current state of Elevator’s life, growth, career and Charlotte. Track one opens with a short interview with Elevator describing his writing process then blends to track two, “Fxckery”. “Fxckery” details a day in his life and the obstacles Jay faces daily, including unemployment. Even through the struggle he expresses, he still encourages listeners to stay positive.

Corporate America done got me dead stuck/Soon as I try to do better/They cut off my tether/Temperature rising high/Feel like I have on a sweater

“Now you Know” track 3, begins with a flashback to a lunchroom scene as a young Elevator waits in line discussing the day’s events with his best friend Mike at West Charlotte High. “Hugo” is an interlude reporting on the biggest Hurricane in Charlotte history paralleling the impact Elevator’s music is having in the region. Side E closes with “Dream,” Jay’s call for the people to wake up. With commanding lyricism Elevator demands the acknowledgment of Charlotte on the Hip Hop scene.  “If you wonder where I’m from/it’s 704/cackalack”

The film, shot by WHYELFILES features a video for every track on Side-E that comes together into one cohesive visual. Get an inside look into one of the minds of a Charlotte, MC!

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