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Just a couple of months ago, Kanye told us it was Pusha T everything, and now after the MNIMN release and the anticipation of the comedy movie Anchroman 2 it seems like that “Pusha T is Everything” motto has now shifted to “Ron Burgandy Is Everything.” We mean this simply because dude with the statsh is everywhere from hosting Sportcenter to being the spokesperson for Dodge Durango and now the famous anchorman has added another accolade to his list, that is singing alongside R&B crooner Robin Thicke for the lead single of Anchorman 2: The Soundtrack entitled “Ride Like The Wind.”

The track will be featured on the soundtrack for Anchorman 2:The Legend Continues, which you can now pre-order on iTunes, and don”t forget to check out the movie once it hits theaters on December 18th.


Roger Krastz @walldoe