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Her Source had a chance to sit down with singer and songwriter Adrian Marcel as he spoke about his experiences on 106 and Park & BET Music Matters Tour, working with legendary singer Raphael Saadiq, touring with Kelly Rowland & The-Dream, what project he has in the works and more.

How would you describe your music?

Adrian Marcel: My music is very raw, it’s emotional, and it’s honest. I do my best to tell a story whenever I write music because I want to paint the most vivid picture that tells a story whether a person is falling in love for the first time or going through a painful heartbreak.


Since it is the holiday season, what were some of the best and worst gifts that you ever received during Christmas?

AM: The best Christmas gift that I ever received was in the 6th grade from my mom, she brought me my first leather jacket when I was going through a biker phase (laughs) and I thought it was hot at the time. The worst gift that I ever received was a scarf.

What was it like touring with Kelly Rowland and The-Dream?

AM: Touring with Kelly Rowland and The-Dream was an absolute blessing in so many ways especially for a new artist coming out and being heard and having the opportunity to share the same stage with 2 x Grammy Award winners like Kelly Rowland and The-Dream was a major blessing.

Who were your musical influences growing up?

AM: My musical influences growing up were a variety of artists ranging from Frankie Lymon to Jackie Wilson, Usher, Pink, R.Kelly, and of course Raphael Saadiq.

Who are some of the hip hop artists that you like to listen to in your spare time?

AM: In my spare time, I like to listen to are Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, I love Drake, and Jay Z but there are so many that I like to listen to.

What is it like working with Mr. Raphael Saadiq?

AM: It is a blessing to work with somebody that is from my neighborhood Oakland, California that share views and points when it comes to music. He is such a musical genius, there is no way that you could learn from Ray and not be inspired by a icon. He is a great role model and mentor. I have gotten to work closer to him in the past couple of months and has been great so far.

If you had to collaborate with anybody on a song who would it be and why?

AM:If I had to collaborate with anybody on a song, I would pick Kendrick Lamar because he is so dope as an artist and I love his hustle and his passion. He is fearless and the way he comes to the music is like we share the same passion for what we do and with somebody from the West. In my opinion that would be a great collaboration.

Here at The Source, the girls in the office we do Man Crush Monday, who do you consider for your Woman Crush Wednesday?

AM: Aww man, there are so many, but I would pick for my woman crush Wednesday is Zoe Saldana. I think she’s a great actress, she’s talented, and she’s beautiful.

How was your experience being on 106 and Park?

AM: Oh My God, it was so trippy first time walking off set and seeing my name posting up, I almost fainted it was too surreal and having the opportunity to meet Bow Wow. I’ve been watching 106 and Park most of my life since it first started. It was my personal goal that I set and I have to thank BET for giving me my first shot on the show.

What football team do you see going to the Super Bowl?

AM: You know, I gotta go with the hometown team, Oakland Raiders. I am a big Oakland Raiders fan. I rock with the Giants too but I gotta hold down the fort with the Raiders. It’s Raiders nation baby.

What was it like to be part of the BET Music Matters Tour?

AM: It’s exciting being around other new artists that are on the come up as well when it comes to the drive and passion. It’s a blessing because not all new artists don’t get an opportunity. Being on this tour gives you energy and being part of the best of the best.