The Boot Camp Clik general weighs in on the controversy between NYC Hip Hop and NYC radio support

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The head of Brooklyn’s legendary Boot Camp Clik says that Hot 97, specifically Ebro Darden, is the reason why NYC Hip Hop and its support from local radio is obsolete.

In his recent visit to the Combat Jack Show, Buck said that it is the fault of Hot 97 program director Ebro Darden why NYC Hip Hop is in a state of shambles, blaming Ebro for the lack of radio support.


During his appearance on the Combat Jack Show, Ebro says that artists such as those signed to Duck Down Records, an independent label whose catalog spans two decades, don’t have female fans, therefore don’t warrant the spins on one of New York’s top Hip Hop radio stations.

The founder of Black Moon was quoted as saying, “So here we got this Duncan Hines version of Hip Hop that Ebro wanna come in and introduce,” says Buckshot. “You was in L.A. The s**t didn’t get f**ked up until you got here.” He went on to say, “Ebro is an Uncle Tom. Why? Because your uncle will always sell you out for something that you will never get.

Buckshot also scolded Ebro for going along to get along with his higher ups, sacrificing the careers of independent NY artists in order to continue to push the agenda of artists signed to major labels.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)