Jamall Bufford – “Nineteen”

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19 can be a rough age. Hear Jamall’s story about helping his younger brother deal with that number and the emotions that come along with it.


Jay Culture (feat. Jon Da Rapper) – “Hallelujah”

Remember to give thanks for what you already have. Sometimes it’s the only thing that makes you really focused on what you’re about to achieve. I’m thankful for this beat.

Paranom & Purpose – “Microphone Phenomenal”

There’s a lot going on in this track, from the lyrics to the traveling recording booth. But when you’re a phenom, all you need is a mic to showcase that.

Mick Jenkins – “Martyrs”

Mick is a fine example of a street poet. He takes what he sees around him and then spits it out like a Coppola film, because he’s never been champagne shallow. That’s deep.

CRASHprez – “Young Black man robbed, shot, lynched in America”

CRASHprez uses his track, “Do Somethin’,” for this one shot video/metaphor for the Black youth in this country. If it makes you feel one type of way or another, CRASHprez did his job.

Kyle Rapps (feat. Murs) – “Architecture”

Kyle Rapps is probably having the most fun on the mic in the game right now. Regardless, we’re enjoying the catchy, new age raps.

CeasRock – “All My $”

The Canadian rapper decided to get some closure on all the books, papers, receipts he accumulated from college and burns all of it, along with his old self, in a giant bonfire. Essentially, he’s burning all his money.

Malik Ferraud (feat. Emilio Rojas) – “Nothing Comes Easy”

Take it from these two emcees that the saying you hated to hear from your elders is truer than you think.

Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)