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Giorgio Armani and Paramount Pictures Presents The US Premiere of  "THE WOLF OF WALL STREET"

Giorgio Armani and Paramount Pictures Presents The US Premiere of “THE WOLF OF WALL STREET”

The Source Magazine was on the red carpet for the New York premiere of Paramount Pictures’ “Wolf of Wall Street,” out Dec 25. The event was held at the Ziegfeld Theater and was presented by Giorgio Armani. 

Guests from the film included Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese, Matthew McConaughey, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie, Jon Favreau, Jordan Belfort, Kyle Chandler, Ethan Suplee, Terence Winter, Rob Reiner, Aya Cash, P.J. Bryne, Katarina Cas, Bo Dietl, Henry Zebrowski, Mackenzie Meehan, and Emma Koskoff, to name a few. Other celebrities that we spotted included Orlando Bloom,  Camila Alves, Robert Kraft, Hannah Bronfman, Brendan Fallis, Jeff Gordon, Jamie Chung, Helen Morris, James Lipton, Denise Rich, and Nicola Peltz and her family.


Film Synopsis: Revered filmmaker Martin Scorsese directs the story of New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio).  From the American dream to corporate greed, Belfort goes from penny stocks and righteousness to IPOs and a life of corruption in the late 80s.  Excess success and affluence in his early twenties as founder of the brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont warranted Belfort the title – “The Wolf of Wall Street.”  Money.  Power.  Women.  Drugs.  Temptations were for the taking and the threat of authority was irrelevant.  For Jordan and his wolf pack, modesty was quickly deemed overrated and more was never enough.

Check out our exclusive red carpet video below:

Matthew McConaughey plays Jordan Belfort’s first mentor in the film. He and Leo have a memorable scene together.

What was it like to work on this movie, while you were preparing for “Dallas Buyer’s Club”?

McConaughey: Well I halted. I stopped at 163 and so I got to eat for a week, but it was fun because it was really a freeing character that I get to play in this, so it probably had something to do with loosening me up on my journey to go where I was heading to, which was Ron Woodroof in “Dallas Buyer’s Club.”

What was it like partnering up with Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese?

McConaughey: Fun and professional and when you are there and you are working with people who are great at what they do it always seems simple on the day, it is not overly complicated at all. It’s everybody trying to do anything that can be done to make that scene as good as possible or as true as possible. They were both incredibly generous, had ideas, we stole ideas from each other, we stole ideas and gave them back to each other in the middle of the scenes, that is when the set is perfect, it is when it is so free that you can steal from somebody and they are happier they got stolen from, than you are that you did the stealing. That’s when the set is really ideal.

Can you speak about that humming and chanting scene with Leonardo DiCaprio. Where did that song come from?

McConaughey: That is one of many chants I’ll do to relax before a scene and then I was doing that to relax before the scene and it was Leonardo’s idea for me to put it in the scene.

How much improvising did you get to do?

McConaughey: I don’t know. I played around and threw ideas off of Martin and he let me roll.

What most surprised you about working with Leonardo DiCaprio?

McConaughey: Nothing was a surprise, except I was happy to see, I didn’t know Marty loved funny so much. He loves funny.

Jonah Hill plays Jordan Belfort’s sidekick at Stratton Oakmont.

Tell us about immersing yourself in the world of banking?

Jonah: If we were playing people, about a real story about people involved in stocks I would take any assurance to make sure I was learning everything that I could, immersing myself as much as possible and we learned quite a bit. They were really open with us in letting us see in what their day to day operations were like.

Did any Wall Street personalities inspire your character?

Jonah: No because we had real people to look at in this story.

This story was based on Long Island. Your parents are from Long Island. Did you spend any time doing research in Long Island?

Jonah: I’ve been out there just seeing where my parents grew up and seeing relatives and friends of my parents so I had spent time on Long Island growing up. The accent I’m doing in the film is from Long Island

What was it like working with those fake teeth?

Jonah: The teeth were hard because I developed a really big lisp when I put them in my mouth so I had to talk for a couple of hours a day with the teeth in in order to rid myself of the lisp.

Kyle Chandler plays Patrick Denham in the film – the FBI agent who goes after Jordan Belfort.

How did you get involved in the film?

Chandler: It was a call to go out to Los Angeles saying Mr. Scorsese would like to talk to you.

Were you more intimidated working with him or with Leonardo?

Chandler: The intimidating part is right before meeting him and right before working with Leonardo. You know it’s always the right before, but than as soon as you sit down and start talking and acting it is just easy and a lot of fun.

How long was the shoot?

Chandler: I don’t know exactly how long the shoot took. I was in New York 6,7,8 times over the course of how ever long it was and I would come in for three or four days at the time, so for me it was great because I got to go on little mini vacations in NYC. I got to know the city more than I ever have before. I got to fall in love with it all over.

Was it fun on set?

Chandler: It was and as an actor you’re already feeling so safe because you are with the best editor, the best director, the best actors, writers and it is material that is just absolutely outrageous, but you’ve got the truth behind you, but also I had the ability to meet with the agent who my character [is based off] and that right there gives you so much information. So it is very powerful going into the shooting. You’ve got a lot of resources going into so you can really play with all that material so it was really great. It was a lot of fun.

You can watch our other exclusive red carpet video below, where we chatted with some of the supporting cast!

Film Trailer: