lightshowcoverNewcomer Delivers Brash Raps About Heights, Pitfalls Of Street Life

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With Washington, D.C.’s extensive history of drug kingpins and gang lords it’s somewhat surprising that the city has only recently become a Hip-Hop hotbed. Perhaps this is a testament to the fact that the real is a lot more about what you do and how you live than how convincing you sound in the booth or look in a music video.


However in recent years, with Wale being the first major artist to kick down the door, a new wave of emcee is emerging from our Nation’s Capitol and they are hellbent on making  sure everyone hears what D.C. has to say.

Fat Trel and Shy Glizzy have been the first notable rhymers to bask in the District’s new found light and with the release of his latest offering, Life Sentence 2, Lightshow is looking to cement his mark as a force to be reckoned with.

Lightshow packs true-to-life narratives of hustling and the trappings of the fast life with introspective, cautionary words of wisdom and insight on Life Sentence 2, making for a captivating listen. The mixtape, which is light on features save appearances from close affiliates Big Shaad and Lucci, boast production by K. E. On The Track, Beat Zombies, and Izze The Producer.

Check out the video for “Came A Long Way” above and and download Life Sentence 2 here.