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2013 might have been a pivotal year in hip hop, we saw legends entering the mixtape arena and new forerunners sprout up from seemingly nowhere. In our twenty five year history, we can count the number of moments comparable to these twelve months, on our hands. However, all good things must come to end, such is life; although, this gives us a chance to look back and reminisce on the awesome time and the great tunes we enjoyed. To begin our journey through memory lane, we will take a peek at some of the top mixtapes that we just couldn’t stop playing.

This go round, we are separating the free releases from the paid albums. We aren’t saying that we think them inferior, honestly some may be superior, but it was necessary logistically. Next year, we will combined the two lists, to bring you the our overall ‘top projects” list.


So, now that we got  that out of way, scroll through and check out our favorites from the past twelve months.  As always, let us know what you think and your personal list. Enjoy.

By: Roger Krastz, Khari Nixon, James Elliott, Tony Centeno, Tatiana Johnson, Shenae Craig, Bryan Hahn,  and Spencer Stein