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This Christmas is full of musical surprises from our favorite artists, and for those in Michigan, this past weekend had its share. Bringing some heat after a bitter ice storm in the area,  Dr. Dre‘s latest talent, Jon Connor, hosted a special “Homecoming” celebration to Flint, MI in celebration of signing to Aftermath Entertainment earlier this year. 

“We wanted to celebrate with friends and family, and Flint is friends and family. It’s the city that made me, and I was born and raised a Flintstone,” Connor said in a phone call with a local newspaper, The Flint Journal.“…This is the moment that every artist waits for: to be signed to a major label, and come home and give back to people and celebrate with those who were there before you had anything.”


The weekend included both a party and performance concert.

Jon Connor announced his new partnership with Aftermath Entertainment during this fall’s BET Hip Hop Awards.  

In support of Connor, I spotted  Kendell “Young Sav” Freeman, VP of Maybach Music Group, who said, “The potential I see in Connor is too big. Ever since I met him in the basement of his crib, about maybe 4-5 years ago, I always knew where he would be at right now. The potential is too big for this kid. He’s going to be a major star one day, and its going to come sooner than we think actually. I’m proud of what he’s doing and can’t wait to see what’s next.”

And we can’t wait to see what’s next too. While we’re  anxiously waiting on the first album, check out “Listen” with Jon Connor, SRH and Maffew Ragazino.

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Young Sav and Jon Connor