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It feels like only yesterday that we were eagerly anticipating hearing the new hungry artists and amazing albums that 2013 had to offer. Looking back, in an overwhelming amount of ways, it’s clear that it definitely delivered on all that was promised—perhaps, even surpassing all expectations. Each quarter was filled with high profile releases, helping to reaffirm many legends’ statuses, and a surprising project that helped to solidified upstarts positions in the game. This may turn into a landmark moments in the game and its unfortunate that it has to end, but alas 2014 is calling.

Before we move on though, let’s reminisce over the highlights from the past twelve months. We have compiled our list of the top albums of 2013; be forewarned, this doesn’t include EPs or mixtapes, the next time we do this will. All of these opinions are subjective, which means we welcome your input in the comments, Twitter, Facebook or telegram (if you have one). There could only be twenty five spots, but each is filled with great music.


Check it out and sound off below. Be sure to check out our mixtape list here.

Let the countdown begin

By: Roger Krastz, Khari Nixon, James Elliott, Bryan Hahn, Spencer Stein and Jasmina Cuevas