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World, meet Chance The Rapper. Chance The Rapper, world

It’s the last day of the year, and what better way to close the year than reveal The Source Magazine’s Rookie of the Year cover. To cap off an eventful 2013 we welcome Chicago native Chance The Rapper to Rookie of the Year cover. With Acid Rap—his free album released in April—so high in demand it charted on Billboard, Chance The Rapper put himself on the cusp of stardom in 2013 touring with the likes of Macklemore and Kendrick Lamar. His witty flow, playful ad-libs and willingness to rap about raw emotion and real events made Chance The Rapper not only everyone’s new favorite new school member, but his ascent was indicative of a very bright future not only for Chicago, but the entire genre.


“With a title like Acid Rap, you’d imagine Chance’s album, and career, would be hinged on abundant drug-inspired themes, Juicy J style. “I’m not even on the drugs like that anymore. I smoke cigarettes—I should quit that at some point—and weed, but it’s like, you know, in my opinion, the point of life is to have fun, and lots of it. From experience, sometimes, drugs can get in the way of that, so, to answer your question, drugs don’t really have that much of a role in my life anymore, but they inspired some of the music, and that’ll always be a part of me, in some way.” When Chance takes that stage, whether it’s at Hammerstein Ballroom or across the Atlantic Ocean, the connection between him and his fans is almost as electric as the bass line in “Smoke Again”. At some points, Chance emits such a tense aura the gaze between him and a group of fans as he runs through his fast-paced verse on “Good Ass Intro”, Acid Raps’ introductory track could be cut with a pair of scissors. Don’t mistake his over-the-top personality with him straying away from the pure talents of rap, though. “I’m a rapper, dog”, he playfully points out, ‘I rap raw as f*ck dude, ask The Source Magazine.’”

For the complete story, grab a copy of our Rookie of the Year/Man of the Year issue on newsstands nationwide on January 7th. Welcome to The Source, Chance.

Man of the Year cover, coming soon.