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Katy Perry
Capital Records


Pop’s favorite princess, Katy Perry, has been topping the charts since 2008 and every time she releases a new album, it is better than the last. Just as her previous album, Perry’s 2013 release of Prism has been nothing but a hit. Perry creates tracks like, “Roar,” that gives her fans a way to relate to her as she sings about getting back up after being pushed down and being stronger; a motto that all young girls want to hear. Then she releases tracks like “Dark Horse,” that features Juicy J and gives listeners a mixture of chopped and screwed with pop; an accomplishment that is quite rare for pop singers. Katy Perry gives fans what they always want and what they didn’t know they needed until it’s in front of them. She is the ultimate pop artist because she knows how to push the envelope.


Top Tracks: “Roar” “Dark Horse” “Unconditionally”